About us


For almost 30 years.

LIKO-S is based on a family foundation. Family helps us overcome the bad times in both life and business. It drives us forward and brings joy in good times. We have already been guaranteeing our work for two generations. How we behave towards one another in the family is reflected in the life of the entire company. Come and see for yourself by visiting our company headquarters in Slavkov u Brna.


We do things differently.

The spirit of innovation drives us forward. We are constantly inventing and innovating – we were the first in Europe to start producing interior partitions and we set the trends. The culmination of our efforts is the first live hall in the world called “LIKO-Vo”. We opened this industrial green building, which works with energy from natural sources, in June 2019 and saw a huge impact and interest from the media. However, the #HousesLikeTrees program continues and our goal is to achieve a change in the current, invasive way of building.

Only personal development and technology development has allowed us to come up with the interactive wall, SMART-i-WALL®. The multimedia partition of the future can do anything you can think of.


Responsible business.

Every company primarily revolves around its people and the products they create. LIKO-S combines the energy of people to help them perform at their best. Our employees want to think about what they can do differently and better and develop themselves. We provide them with maximum support in this endeavour. We appreciate their energy to innovate, their desire to fulfil our vision, and their need to be different.

Simply be the best.