Acoustic Column

Minimalist acoustic absorber. It can perfectly suppress flutter echoes. It can be used wherever conventional flat absorbers such as SilentPET cannot be used. Thanks to its unique shape and combination of materials, it concentrates a great impact in a subtle column, which you may not even notice at first glance. Please select a colour combination below. All columns are 3 m high. If you need a different height or colour combination, write to us.

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Brand: LIKO-S, a.s.
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The acoustic column can be used in two ways:

  • as a classic absorber for shortening the reverberation time in rooms where it is not possible to use conventional absorbers.
  • to suppress flutter echoes directly at the point of origin.

Flutter echoes can also occur in rooms where the reverberation time is acceptably short, but due to the parallel arrangement of waves of smooth walls, such as glazed walls, the sound is repeatedly reflected. In such a situation, it is not the uniform reverberation that can be heard, but a series of individual repetitions of the original sound. This is an even more disturbing and unpleasant phenomenon than in the case of a uniform diffuse reverberation.

Thanks to the placement of a series of columns to such partitions, it is possible to suppress the flutter echo to a minimum in a very elegant and effective way. The acoustic column is also a design element. 

Typical use:

  • offices
  • meeting rooms
  • canteens
  • corridors
  • and more...

Unlike conventional, planar absorbers, the series of acoustic columns allows visibility.

Acoustic column dimensions:

  • height: 3,000 mm
  • width: 54 mm
  • depth: 87 mm

Basic colour combinations:

  • internal absorber: white, grey or black.
  • aluminium casing: white, grey or black.

Custom acoustic columns

If you did not choose from the basic colour combinations, write us an e-mail at – we will prepare an individual price offer for you.

If you need a different column height, just write the required height in the note when ordering. Column shortening is free.