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Two small tubes of Mamut Glue (High Tack) are powerful enough to attach acoustic panels made of SilentPET material to walls or ceilings.

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Mammoth glue creates extremely durable glued joints with maximum initial adhesion. It glues even heavy objects with a mammoth force to the base, without the need to fix the glued joint. Mamut glue replaces nails, screws and rivets. It is a special modification of MS polymers, creating a recoatable high-strength and elastic joint after curing. It is not aggressive to substrates and it is ideal for gluing mirrors.

Other uses of Mammoth glue:

Anywhere in the construction and engineering industry or in the home or garden. Mamut glue is suitable for gluing waterproof joints in the machinery and automotive industries, structural parts of cars, buses, caravans, passenger cars - (absorbs vibrations). Bonding of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, lead, glass, PS, PUR, PVC and some types of plastics - Mamut glue can also be used on these materials. Bonding of structural waterproof joints in the construction industry, bonding of concrete, ceramic tiles, enamel, mirrors, wood, masonry, plasterboard, CETRIS boards forming the filling of balcony railings - certified, etc.

More benefits:

  • Immediate and excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Free of silicone, isocyanates, solvents and phthalates
  • Fast curing, odorless
  • Mamut glue creates a permanently flexible, durable, waterproof joints
  • Resistant to moisture, water, salt water (sea), weather, chlorine, detergents

Technical information:

Base / Material MS polymer
Heat Resistance –40 / +90°C (after curing)
Dilatation Ability ± 25%
Surface curing time ≈ 10 – 15 minut
Hardness Shore A (3s) ≈ 60 ± 3