Every bit fits together like a honeycomb. Six edges, six vertices and it's up to you how you combine them. Acoustic panels are not just about the design. We think ecologically and we care about sustainability. That is why we produce them from recycled PET bottles. PET has never looked so good!

The way the elements are arranged serves only as an example and inspiration.
You can see the exact numbers and sizes of elements when selecting variants.
The images are for illustrative purposes only. 

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Set it up the way you want!

Can’t hear yourself speaking in your own office? Is there an echo in the room? Do you long for peace and quiet? We can’t perform miracles, but we can considerably improve your acoustic comfort.

Each space is different. The composition of the construction, carpet or furnishings usually improves the acoustic conditions in the room, but you can only achieve the correct acoustic conditions by fine-tuning the acoustic panels. Choosing the correct shapes and location plays a role in the final effect.

As a result you can acoustically fine-tune not only the room, but also its users.

Recommended area coverage


variant intense middle sparse
7 ks | hrana 340 mm 2,10 m2 5,28 m2 8,46 m2

Sound absorption factor





We enjoy tailor-made solutions!

Functionality is important, but we also have to like things. You can create your own design with us! SilentPET® does not have to come only in the basic colours of white, grey and black. Thanks to printing, you can hang the panels as pictures or use them for communication. You will improve the acoustic properties and enliven the whole room from an aesthetic point of view by combining different locations, whether the ceilings, walls or screens.

Just call us!